Why Candidates Should Use A Recruiter Over Job Boards?

Recent research of the attitudes of more than 1,000 employees who had either used or would use recruiters found that 92% of people trust recruitment agencies to find them suitable employment.  But why use a recruiter rather than just applying for jobs via a job board.

It will open up more opportunities

It is a recruiter’s full time job to be looking for new job opportunities and finding candidates for there clients.  Being registered and on their database means that as soon as the recruiter receives a new position from a client to fill they can suggest you straight away and can mean you’ll be the first person that the client will interview and consider for the position.

Clients trust their recruiters

When searching for a job you might choose to send your CV to the HR department and rely on this to get you an interview for a job, however, there are good relationships built between a recruiter and their clients so when a recruiter says to the client “you must meet this candidate” it’s more than likely they will.  Working with a recruiter who has met you and can personally recommend you may give you opportunities that otherwise you may not have gotten.

You are guided through the entire process

From picking up on issues with your CV, to helping you find out what research you will need to do before your interview, from interview tips, to applying and accepting an offer a good recruiter will take you through the entire recruitment process and give you constructive feedback throughout.  A recruiter will look out for you throughout the whole process –something a job board cannot do.

It’s free!

Recruiters do not charge candidates the fee is paid for by the client – so what do you have to lose?

Tips when using a recruiter:

Do they want to meet you face to face?

A good recruiter will want to meet you face to face.  If a recruiter wants to take the time to meet you face to face then it is more than likely they will have met the their clients they are recruiting for too.  This means they will be able to advise you on the work environment and the culture of an office.  By meeting the recruiter you can speak openly about why you are looking for a new position and express concerns you may have that you perhaps would avoid expressing with a potential employer.  Recruiters will also be able to advise on what the client is looking for and what potential there is in the future.  Plus – it’s also a great way to gain feedback on how you interview before the real thing!

Be open and honest with your recruiter:

When you meet the recruiter make sure you clearly express your goals and what you are looking for so that they have a clear understanding of what is important to you when searching for a position for you.  They do not want to advise you to go forward with a role that will not suit your needs as it will be a disappointment to you as a candidate and also it will potentially damage their relationship with their client.  Withholding information or not being transparent about your skills with probably be discovered this can be awkward and potentially ruin relationships for yourself, the recruiter and their client as well as lead to a job offer being withdrawn.

Make sure you give the recruiter your availability:

Making sure you give your recruiter your availability is important so if asked by a client when they can see you they will have some potential options, if it is hard to get hold of you or you are never available for an interview this could hinder your job search or limit your opportunities.  Your recruiter understands that it can be tricky getting time off work without your current employer getting suspicious and will be as accommodating as possible even try to arrange times outside working hours but sometimes with clients this is not possible, try to be as flexible as you can

Give them your feedback after your interview:

You may feel like your consultant is being a nag, but they always prefer to get your feedback before speaking to the client.  If the client calls and asks for the candidate feedback and the recruiter has to say that they haven’t been able to get in touch with you the client can sometimes take this that the candidate is not interested in the position.  Call your consultant at the earliest convenience after you have got out of your interview so they can let the client know how keen you are on the role.

Remain positive – even if you don’t get the job:

If you do not get the job that a recruiter has put you put for then remain positive, take on the feedback that the client has given about why you will not be progressing in the recruitment process and feel free to discuss them with your consultant it may uncover something that could be important in finding you a new role.