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Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) Elections

I am standing for re-election for the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC), as my passion for the industry has not diminished. I am keen to support the new CEO and SLT in their quest to drive the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) forward and maintain and improve its reputation in the industry. I am the […]

Mental Health Week | Combating Stress in the Workplace

As mental health awareness increases and while dealing with stress at work is a real problem, it’s definitely solvable. Outlined here are 5 ways to help bring your stress levels down, so that you can continue to experience breakthroughs and create some real magic for yourself in both life and work. Form Positive Relationships Stress we experience can […]

Successful Interview Preparation

Interview preparation and research is key to a successful interview, there is nothing worse than meeting a candidate with a great CV but they cannot articulate why they want the role, or have not researched the company and what they do. First Impressions – Body Language Counts You are on interview as soon as you […]

Making a Quality Job Application

Be Transparent When making a job application you want to make sure your CV is up to date and includes all the relevant information. When writing your CV it is important to bear in mind that withholding information or not being transparent about your skills could cause problems with your application further down the line […]

Why Candidates Should Use A Recruiter Over Job Boards?

Recent research of the attitudes of more than 1,000 employees who had either used or would use recruiters found that 92% of people trust recruitment agencies to find them suitable employment.  But why use a recruiter rather than just applying for jobs via a job board. It will open up more opportunities It is a […]

Social Media Tips For A Successful Job Search

Social media is a great tool for communicating with peers but it can also become an “Achilles heel” when you start your job search. Would you want your future employer to be aware of everything you do in your leisure time; your social habits and what your journey in life has entailed?  Your digital footprint […]

8 Ways to make your CV stand out

Writing a CV can often be a daunting task and a bit of a minefield. If you are struggling then making a spider diagram or jotting down bullet points can help you to put your thoughts onto paper and organise your mind. Whether you are creating your first CV or you haven’t written one in […]

2019 Networking Top Tips

Networking – Top Tips in 2019 In the changing world of business where more and more people work remotely or run their businesses from serviced office space, the value of networking opens up a world of opportunity. Networking isn’t all about winning new business opportunities but sharing experiences and learning from like-minded individuals.  Networking is […]

National love your pet day 2019

A Day in the Life of Dudley Dog Another day at work –  looks busy for me, but must get my early morning exercise in just as soon as Nick has had his caffeine kick; “come on how long does it take to drink a cup of coffee”.   Wow what a beautiful morning, nothing like […]