National love your pet day 2019

A Day in the Life of Dudley Dog

Another day at work –  looks busy for me, buDudley outside the officet must get my early morning exercise in just as soon as Nick has had his caffeine kick; “come on how long does it take to drink a cup of coffee”.   Wow what a beautiful morning, nothing like 2 laps of the field – lets hope I meet a friend to play with.

Back home just in time to throw some breakfast down and then a 40 minute commute to work – time to get a quick nap in.

Just got into the office – bad news –  quick check of the desk bins reveals the cleaner was in last night so no tasty morsels to be had when nobody is looking.   Get my usual pat on the head from Amelia and Kayley as they arrive and our day begins.

I have a good people watching position from the 1st floor office and can see straight up the Lion & Lamb Yard but not much action this morning so will go and check and see if the sun has reached the back office so I can catch some rays.

Chrissie seems a little stressed, the keyboard is going nineteen to the dozen getting interview confirmation packs out.   Oh yes the door buzzer has gone so someone to meet – looks like it is the 1st candidate of the day arriving – just as I get to the door Amelia is up to say hello and introduce herself but not before I introduce myself, an energetic wag of the tail and welcoming smile should make the chap feel at home.    Forms completed under my watchful eye and Amelia takes him through – interview rooms out of bounds so watch them go up the stairs before taking my seat in the sun once more.

The postman is late today, that will disappoint Rebekah as she is keen to get the new REC Membership Certificate Displayed – we take pride in our membership as it reassures candidates and clients who visit that we are professional and ethical recruiters.

Amelia’s candidatDudley Glassese is beaming when he comes downstairs – looks like she is going to be put forward for a position.  Amelia say’s she will speak to the client today and get back to him with news of a potential interview – 1st happy customer!

It  is a busy morning – heading out of the office for a little road trip as Rebekah and Kayley are off to Farnborough to meet a potential new client.  I am going a long for the ride but what….  I can’t come in?  Won’t complain at least I get a different view and people to watch coming and going.  The business park is bustling with activity today – lots of couriers arriving to collect from this company.  What are in all those packages?

Off to the Water Meadows for a quick sprint around before the afternoon in the office – the team thinks it is for my benefit but it is good for them to get out and exercise too.

I have been rewarded a treat – Rebekah is doing a skype interview so I am allowed to lay in the room with her;  2nd floor has way better views of West Street.

Great a person to meet again ; she has just dropped in to the office and looks very Dudleysad – my cue to jump in and be extra friendly; she has just been told that she will be made redundant but Rebekah reassures her that Highpoint will do their best to help her and makes an appointment to meet her tomorrow.  A welcoming smile from the team and me makes her feel much better and I gets extra cuddles from her and I think she feels better on leaving.

What is all the commotion next door – Yeah! we have placed a candidate in a job and we are all elated – I think this calls for a Dudley dance!

I have no keyboard skills, I can’t answer the telephone but I am super good at making people  feel good.  I am so lucky to go to work everyday – I wouldn’t miss it!