Business Back to School

For the fifth year running Farnham Heath End School requested the support of local business people to support their programme to aid year 10 students in their preparation for future employment.

Senior Consultant, Sarah-Jane Pullman Cert RP MIRP joined 30 other professionals on the 18th October for a morning of 1-1 interviews with students. Sarah-Jane was able to give valuable advice to each of the candidates who had been tasked with applying for a job in a career they wished to pursue. Each student had to choose an advertisement, prepare a covering letter, a CV and a page of research on the particular post.

After undergoing a mock interview, Sarah-Jane gave each of the 4 students constructive feedback on their CV and covering letter, as well as the research and performance in the interview.

“The benefits to the students of having the opportunity to be interviewed by business people are significant. It provides them with an understanding of the application procedure and increases their self confidence”

says Sarah-Jane.