Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) Elections

I am standing for re-election for the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC), as my passion for the industry has not diminished. I am keen to support the new CEO and SLT in their quest to drive the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) forward and maintain and improve its reputation in the industry.

I am the Managing Director of Highpoint, a Consultancy I opened in Surrey 17 years ago.   My experience spans the commercial, industrial and catering sectors and my expertise now lies in recruiting Executive and Commercial support staff for SME clients.

I have had the privilege of representing Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) Members as a Corporate Director since 2012 and have served as Chair of the Professional Standards Committee since 2015, a pre-requisite of which is that I hold a position on the Council.

I take my responsibilities as a Non-Exec Director and Chair very seriously and actively attend and contribute to all meetings and regularly make myself available for focus group activities.

My enthusiasm for standing for re-election to the Council is driven by a desire to ensure that there is robust discussion and debate around decisions made on behalf of Members at Council meetings and that the voice of smaller, independent members is heard.

I am also keen to encourage wider engagement with membership through regional meetings as I believe this is a way for the REC to really get to know its members, engage with IRP members and understand the issues facing businesses and consultants in different parts of the UK.

I have always been a champion for standards in our industry and am passionate about sharing knowledge and good practice.  In seeking re-election to the Council, I am keen to continue to represent the membership in the work I do with the Standards & Compliance teams.

Key Issues

  • Ensuring that the products and services offered to REC Corporate Members are relevant; reflect the changing shape of the recruitment industry and are accessible digitally as well as in the more traditional forms.
  • Drive towards more regional engagement with Corporate and IRP Members and discussion about re-introducing the role of Regional Non Exec Directors.
  • Identification of “Rising Stars” who are the future of the industry and encouraging them to become more engaged with the REC through inclusion on focus groups; sector groups and other committees.
  • Review and improvement of current Compliance Test and CPD for IRP members.


Rebekah Handford