Interview Prep – Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail

There is nothing more disappointing than a candidate who oozes enthusiasm about a role but then doesn’t even know the most basic facts and figures about the company.

You are certain to be asked specific questions about your potential employer, so make sure you’ve done your homework!

Here are a few places you can find some useful information:

  • The company’s website is the best place to start, also check out their Annual Report, look for a press or company news page, put their name into ‘Google News’, and ask friends and colleagues.
  • Understand the company’s ethos, vision and mission, and consider how you and the role you are applying for relates to these.
  • Get an understanding of their industry. You may be able to find out if they have anything interesting going on at the moment, or who their competitors are, etc.
  • Try and find out about the person/people who will be interviewing you, using the company website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • It’s also worth searching under your own name to see what crops up – your potential employer might be doing the same thing.

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